Becoming A World Class Coach 5-Day Challenge

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How To Become A World Class Coach

CEO & Founder of ProductivityDrivers-an innovative sales leadership training and consulting firm specializing in building world-class, high-performance teams and organizations.
Respected thought leader in sales leadership and coaching, Souza is highly sought after as a keynote speaker and consultant by top companies and organizations world-wide.
Trained over 10,000 leaders/managers world-wide from clients including ServiceNow, Google, SAS Institute, Boeing, Medallia, Nutanix, Samsara, Auth0, AstraZeneca, and AbbVie just to name a few.
Author of The New York Times Bestseller, The Weekly Coaching Conversation and Become Who You Were Born to Be (Random House, 2007) which has been published in multiple languages world-wide.

Dear World Changer,

You possess an unyielding fire within you to impact the lives of those around you. You do this unlike anyone else through your passionate service, products, and programs for your clients.

You've achieved every goal you've set out to conquer, but you still feel something is missing. You see other influencers and experts all raving about the #1 asset that rocketed their credibility and authority with their space.
A book. have no idea where to even begin, you're busy running your business, let alone aren't a writer. And even if you were, you don't have the time to sit down and pump out 30,000-70,000 words for your book.

Not counting all of the other things you know your book will need to get it publish-ready. Oh! And...publish it, launch it to bestseller, and leverage it for your backend offers.

Before you put off writing your book for another year, there's a faster and simpler way. I invite you to join me in my How to Write A Bestselling Book in 30 Days 5-Day Challenge, where I'll reveal the publishing secrets I've mastered for my clients to write over 200 bestselling books, and launch more than 1,000 to Amazon, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and even New York Times bestseller.

Come join me and other purpose-driven entrepreneurs who have a story to tell, experience to unveil, and knowledge to pass on to the next generation. 

And when it's all said and done...

You will finally have your book to change the world.

To your success, 
Brian Souza 

P.S. Plus - Free Bonus ($997 Value) for All Challenge Attendees... Get Instant Access To Best Seller Publishing Checklist with Video Training... Simply For Attending This Challenge.


"We hired Brian to provide a framework for all our first line managers early at ServiceNow. As a leader, I needed to get the max from every person on the team. His training reinforced my vision and gave our people the tools they needed to execute. Brian helped build a company now worth $100 Billion! His training helped bring our managers and our employees to a higher level!"
 - SAS — David Schneider, President Emeritus at ServiceNow

Outcomes Of The Challenge

  • A Proven, Step-By-Step, Success Path To Take Your Team's Performance From Where You Are To Where You Really Want To Be
  • Make An Immediate Impact On Your Teams Performance
  • Get Crystal Clear On the 20% of the Behaviors That Drive 80% of Your Teams Results
  • ​How To Have A Quick In The Moment 2-Minute Constructive Coaching Conversation With Your Team
  • ​Know The "ONE Secret" To Transform your Team's Performance & Your Career
  • How To Systematize Desired Frontline Behavior Change & Make It Stick
  • Fast Track your success with Brian Souza as your mentor and coach
  • Community: Connect with like-minded "coaches" and top leaders in the industry
  • ​WIN Prizes: Prizes For Sharing And Prizes For Completing Tasks That Will Create Momentum & Results For You! This challenge is all about helping you and your team produce short term results that move the needle.

Shift Your Mindset

One simple change you can make to your management approach that will have a massive impact on your team’s performance (and your career)—that doesn’t require any extra time

Clarify The Target

How to align Leading indicator KPIs, a sales process, frontline (IC) behaviors—and get bottom's up buy-in and commitment

Learn The Skillset

Four simple skills you must learn to truly become a world-class coach and transform your team's performance

Create The Environment

ONE secret strategy that will unlock your team’s discretionary effort, drive massive engagement, prevent attrition, and increase team member loyalty.

Implement The System

How to systematically ensure your frontline team is consistently executing at a high level—and continuously learning (without any extra time)
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